We keep challenging aggressively for any cases without hesitation and quickly respond to our clients’ various needs.

Hirota & Associates assists our clients in obtaining patents quickly and appropriately and further assists them to leap forward to develop their businesses.
Our sphere of business extends globally, shown by a large number of overseas cases undertaken,
not to mention domestic cases, with extensive expertise and know-hows.
We also have good relationships with local patent firms in many countries to promptly respond to the clients’ needs.


Corporate vision of Hirota & Associates

Everything is for our clients’ greater industrial competitiveness

Since established in 1996, Hirota & Associates has been facing the clients’ requests with sincerity and steadily building up experience and achievements. We actively tackle any cases, and address them promptly and properly. Hirota & Associates was founded by an ex-examiner (ex-appeal examiner) of the JPO, which enables us to address cases with examination specifics by examiners in mind. Our office is located close to the JPO, and this allows us to respond to requests such as submission of exhibits, etc. promptly and flexibly.

  1. Features 01

    Extensive experiences and achievements build up for about 30 years since established.

  2. Features 02

    Quick decision-making

  3. Features 03

    Every attorney and paralegal is deeply committed to a wide range of cases.

We handle filing of both inbound and outbound applications, not to mention domestic applications, with full services.

Performance so far

  • Applications filed


  • Applications registered


(As of March 2023)

Hirota & Associates flexibly responds to a wide variety of requests in Japan, as well as requests of Japanese companies in connection with overseas cases and requests of overseas companies (or overseas patent firms) seeking assistance in Japan, with our in-house translators helping our clients, based on our extensive experience and achievements.
We respond to your needs quickly and properly while closely cooperating with local patent firms in various countries to address requests of Japanese companies in connection with overseas cases such as filing applications overseas from Japan.
We have also taken on and properly managed a number of irregular cases not only in Japan but also abroad, and therefore, any inquiries from overseas companies (or overseas patent firms) are welcome.

Office Profile

Name of Our Firm Hirota & Associates
Establishment January 1996
Location 6th Fl. Address Bldg.
2-2-19, Akasaka,
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan
Tel No. 813-5575-6500
Fax No. 813-5575-6578
E-mail office@hirota-pat.com
Total Personnel 32 members including 9 patent attorneys, 2 consulting lawyers,
16 IP paralegals (10 for inbound/outbound cases, 6 for domestic cases),
2 translators and 3 administerative team members
Services Patents / Utility models / Designs / Trademarks / Expert opinion, Searches / Litigations / Analysis / Technology transfer
Technical Areas Biotechnology / Pharmaceuticals / Foods / Organic and Inorganic Chemistry / Electricity / Information, Information Technology and Software / Machines / Business Models
Consulting Lawyers Tomohiko Makino
Ippei Hirota


Hirota & Associates

6th Fl. Address Bldg.
2-2-19, Akasaka,
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan

Transportation Access Information

  • One minute’s walk from Tameike-sanno Station of Tokyo Metro Ginza Line or Namboku Line
  • Two minutes’ walk form Kokkai-gijidomae Station of Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line or Chiyoda Line

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