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We handle a wide range of technical areas including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, foods, chemistry, machines, computer(software), information processing, control system and AI(artificial intelligence).
Our patent attorneys, specialized in each technical area, will offer consultation on your invention, prepare a specification, and they will carry out the procedures from filing the application to the patent registration.  Our patent attorneys, who have experience as both examiners and appeal examiners at the JPO, will meet your expectations in appeal cases and deal with oral hearings, etc.

PCT Applications

With the rapid globalization of the world, people are actively seeking global protection of intellectual properties.
If you file an international application in the Japanese language under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) within one year of the filing date of a domestic application, you will be able to file the national stage applications in the countries of your choice (including Japan) by submitting a translation of the application documents within 30 months of the filing date of the domestic application.
International applications under the PCT are more handy for applicants compared to applications under the Paris Convention, in that the applications under the PCT will give you more time to consider which countries your application is filed in, and furthermore you will be able to avoid unnecessary translation fees.
Hirota & Associates provides reliable services covering filing of the PCT applications, deadline management, translation, and services necessary for the national stage application in each country (in all the designated states).

Foreign Applications

To file a foreign application claiming priority under the Paris convention, you are requested to file the application documents (translation) directly before the patent office of the countries in which you wish to file your application, within one year of the filing date of the domestic application.
When the countries in which the application will be filed have already been decided and if this number is small, applications under the Paris convention is advantageous from the points of view of saving time and money when compared to applications under the PCT.
Hirota & Associates cooperates with foreign patent firms and provides a full range of services from filing to registration, and annuity management.

Expert Opinions, Searches

Whether a patent is valid or not, or conflicting with a patent of others or not, is an issue that is becoming more and more crucial in mapping out a business strategy in this day and age when people are seeking to make effective use of their intellectual properties through tight linkage with their business.
However, in order to make such specialized judgments, one needs to be highly knowledgeable and experienced.
Hirota & Associates has many patent attorneys who have experience as both examiners and appeal examiners at the JPO and provides a full range of services including searches and expert opinions by making the most of their experience and expertise.


The number of intellectual property disputes has recently been on the increase, and the recent revision of the Patent Attorney Law has expanded the scope of patent attorneys’ services to include matters concerning intellectual property disputes, and thus their role is becoming more significant.
Hirota & Associates provides services for litigations to protect intellectual properties, and for the execution of rights.
The Intellectual Property High Court has recently been established and a judicial system has been secured, and our patent attorneys who have a lot of litigation experience will be able to meet your expectations.
In infringement litigations, we are prepared to serve you by cooperating with attorneys specialized in intellectual property matters upon your request.


It is possible to obtain rights for logos or labels used for products and services.
Hirota & Associates cooperates with trademark experts and will meet your expectations at all stages from consulting, filing, to trademark registration.


It is possible to obtain rights for designs of products.  This right will be stronger if supplemented with other rights such as a patent.
Hirota & Associates cooperates with design experts and will meet your expectations at all stages from consulting, filing, to design registration.


With the growing interest in the intellectual properties, the role of patent attorneys has become more significant which ranges from application processes to general intellectual property matters.  Patent attorneys’ services cover a wide variety of areas such as assistance for intellectual property activities, strategy for intellectual properties, licensing agreements, and litigations.
Hirota & Associates has many experienced specialists and staff who will answer these needs, and provide you with a full range of service which you can trust.